Custom Makeover: Dodge Caliber Chrome Accessories

Posted on | April 8, 2010 | 2 Comments

While some automobile owners are completely satisfied with what they drive off of the lot, let’s keep it real – the large majority of us often look at our vehicles with the “what if I just got…” eye. Some may not make any changes, regardless of their desires. Many just choose to add an item or two that gives them the peace that their upgrade hearts and minds were seeking. Still others go for the gusto! The truth is, you don’t have to spend yourself into oblivion to make even wholesale changes to the appearance of your beloved automobile. Today’s experience is just such an example and it’s all about the Dodge Caliber chrome accessories.

Below is an exterior of what is essentially a stock Dodge Caliber.

Dodge Caliber

Now that’s a darn fine looking automobile just as it is. However, with a few tweaks consisting entirely of Dodge Caliber chrome accessories, including a fine chrome grille from E&G Classics, this owner really transforms the Caliber into something really attention-getting and didn’t break the bank to get it done!  Let’s find out how much more can be done and at what cost…

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The Story of the 1964-½ Ford Mustang

Posted on | March 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

One of the features of our new blog will be about your automotive upgrades and projects.  Whether you’re upgrades are Ford F150 accessories, Chevrolet Camaro Body Kits, Dodge Challenger chrome grilles, import super-tuning, pickup truck lifting, SUV lowering, luxury liner accentuating – we want to share your stories along with your photos (before and after would be excellent).  The year doesn’t matter – old, new, and everything in between.  Show it off!

For fun, I will share one of my own stories…

The year was… well, it was what it was… and I was an eager, young, alleged wanna-be motorhead of somewhere in the neighborhood of 18. I was employed. I was living at home. I had what I thought was plenty of money in the bank. Those were the days. Those where the days where I simply had to have a car and I was bound and determined to do this and handle it “on my own.”

In the classified ads, I had found the target of my Fantasy Car Project. It was the 1964-½ Ford Mustang. It wasn’t a 1965 Mustang. No sirree – I set everyone straight. This was the venerable 1964-½ Mustang! It was a half-year cooler.  Nevermind that I didn’t go to any Technical School and the closest I came to doing anything like a car restoration project was putting the chain back on my bicycle when it fell off of the sprocket. This car was an all-time classic that I could already see (in my mind’s eye) was going to be the talk of car shows for years to come.  It was only going to take a few thousand Ford Mustang accessories to get the job done.

The price: $600.  What a bargain!

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Dress to Impress: Chrome Grilles & Pickup Truck Accessories

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Pickup Truck Accessories

Few automobile owners look to make upgrades to their ride with the type of vim and vigor of pickup truck owners. This is due almost entirely to the world of aftermarket pickup truck parts and pickup truck accessories. When you combine the sheer volume of different pickup truck parts and pickup truck accessories available with the power and versatility that the world’s trucks afford their owners, one can take a factory offering and turn it into an entirely different vehicle.

Chrome Grilles

There are numerous amazing manufacturers in the chrome grille design, development, and manufacturing business. Chrome grilles are some of the hottest selling pickup truck accessories as owners clamor to outdo the “competition” on the highways and byways of the United States and beyond.  It’s a rare day when we look in our rear-view mirror on a bright, sunny day and not see a fresh new grille adorning the front-end of a car or truck.  The greatest feature of the chrome grilles are their surprising affordability.  This allows even the most budget conscious shopper to make a stunning pickup truck accessories upgrade even when spending under $100.

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Carl Edwards Probation: Did Nascar Go Far Enough?

Posted on | March 10, 2010 | 5 Comments

NASCAR may regret relaxing the rules regarding aggressive driving on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit.

While we have been witness to retaliatory “strikes” between drivers over the years, few were as glaring as the one that occurred at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday, March 7th.  Carl Edwards, behind by a mere 153 laps in the Kobalt Tools 500 Race, returned to get his “pound of metal.”  During the closing laps of the race and at speed, Carl Edwards deliberately drove his Ford Fusion into the rear quarter-panel on Brad Keselowki’s Dodge Charger R/T which sent Brad Keselowski hurtling roof-first into the wall.  It was a crash that race fans are all too accustomed to seeing.  It was a scene that I believe race fans, Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski, and all drivers are starting to take for granted.

The amazing level of safety that these race cars afford drivers is almost beyond comprehension.  With only the fewest exceptions, drivers walking away from horrendous wrecks is the rule, not the exception, as I’m sure Brad Keselowski will attest.  Frankly, I believe that this reality was partly behind the decision of NASCAR to return to “old school” racing styles which saw bump-drafting, fender grinding, and race track road rage as normal.  Only four races into the season and many are questioning the decision. In the video below it is clear: Continue Reading – Carl Edwards Probation: Did Nascar Go Far Enough?